The Edge of Time

Whenever I get scared, I try to remember the day mother gave away her ‘heart’. It was my saddest memory. …

Save The Net

This website would not exist without Net Neutrality. 1400×1260 (Orange)Red Alert: The Senate is about to vote on whether to restore …


New Tinder Profile pic — Barbara Dunkelman (@bdunkelman) January 3, 2018

I Like Responsible Men

Would you rather see cute or sexual captions? Romantic feminization or forced mental changes? Leave a comment! Full-size: 1067×1600

Exam Week

What’s your New Year’s resolution? Mine is to get a 5-rune win in Dungeon Crawl Stone Soup!

Due Date

Time to finish that caption trade with PKAngel. I promise there will also be a Patreon page for those of you …

✧Brand New Website✧

Hello little weeabs! Big plans on the horizon (✿◠‿◠)づ Hiring GigaMessy to draw new captions. Totes excite!