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Well I sold everything, so if you invest now… I don’t benefit!

tl;dr Humans are like waves of light, with our actions superimposed on a graph. This month I gambled everything I own nine times (do not advise) and by trusting my patience, knowledge of the global economy, risk-reward optimization, and experience with quantum superpositioning, I was able to make an 11.7% profit! This is good because I want to make as little effort as possible!

Original Post:

Going to analyze some real world predictions about bitcoin. If this news did not benefit me then I would not share it (so take my words with a grain of salt). The price of bitcoin just broke the $7199usd/btc resistance, therefore according to ‘Fibonacci retracement‘ (math’s best prediction model) the next level of resistance is at $7504usd/btc. This means the price will rise. As for altcoin, a recent (and rather biased) study predicted that Monero would rise 1300% (edit: article debunked September 2nd – I don’t think price will pass 123usd according to historical data from Tuesday). Whether this is a meaningful prediction or not, the ‘market depth’ is low, so it is easy for speculators to ‘pump’ the price upward over the next few days. Fibonacci sequences are part of the math curriculum for engineering & physics undergrads. Never risk more than you are willing to lose. I realize many people don’t view cryptocurrency as a currency because it is not government-backed. I view this as an advantage, because government-backed currency is issued by banks, which are allowed to issue out ten times the currency they receive. This becomes a problem when banks keep issuing money to each other, leading to over 95% of usd being created through debt, and the same problem existing for the euro. In order to combat this problem, governments can tell banks to invest in natural resources (gold, oil, and precious metals) to safeguard the buying power of a country’s currency. Or a government can deregulate banks and tell them to issue trillions of dollars to the government. This is bad for everyone else because it causes inflation. The advantage of ‘mined’ cryptocurrency is that it is not issued by the banks. It is created through solving complex math problems. The obvious solution is to revert to physically-backed currency such as gold, silver, copper, and nickel. Though countries which try doing this (Libya & Venezuala) tend to attract hostility from the military that is funded by Wallstreet’s money-laundering. Of all the cryptocurrency, bitcoin has the most name-recognition, and it is easy to exchange between altcoins and bitcoin on exchanges. Currency holds value if it is accepted by companies, and cryptocurrency has been adopted by many retailers as an alternative payment method because the fees are cheaper than credit cards & Paypal! Therefore bitcoin is the next big thing in the world of day trading and market speculation. The analysts hyping Monero are probably biased against the fractional-reserve banking system and – like myself – have a vested interest in its price rising. Bitcoin and Monero are notorious for their anonymity, which helps criminals to evade law-enforcement. Other cryptocurrencies solve this problem, yet consumers choosing anonymity over transparency has led to many countries placing bans on selling cryptocurrency without a license. Trading on an exchange can prevent money-laundering, giving government the oversight to audit for tax-evasion and defrauding. But the main advantage is lower fees. Ideally you could buy at market price from another individual on a site like localbitcoins if your country allowed, but charges ten times the fees of Kraken or Poloniex. Here’s a guide on avoiding scams, and you can check what other traders require of buyers to ensure that they can prove to the bank that the transaction is legitimate and non-refundable. Generally the buyer provides a receipt and ID with a written note to show they are legit, and then the website admins settle any dispute. This takes more time than trading on an exchange, but is more profitable for small investors with a lot of time on their hands. Another way to make money is arbitrage, and moving averages. Generally you want to buy low and sell high, so that you can make a profit after paying the fees. But a lot of people panic and sell under pressure. This is fine if you’re in the green and want to secure your gains, but if you’ve never set a contingency plan and cannot follow your own advice, then you’re going to lose a lot of money. But feel free to impulsively give me your money (^.^) At some point every upward trend ends, and we secure our gains, cut our losses, or wait it out. Bitcoin is like gambling. That’s why I use Martingale hedging to invest more and more as the prices rise or fall into my comfort zones. Every day I setup a chart, telling me how much to buy or sell and at what prices, or I day trade at a 4-7% margin and let other people take all the risks heh heh. I know… This is a transgender erotica blog, so I apologize if you did not enjoy learning about bitcoin (>.<)

September 5th update: Looks like a bear flag. A sharp drop, followed a few days of squeezed stable price range, followed by temporary rise and a fast drop. Like on June 9th and July 9th… Which means $6900usd/btc is a TERRIBLE time to buy! (Edit: Wow. It fell past $6400. Don’t know how long I will have to hold to break-even. The temporary rise never came…)

September 8th update: Definitely a bear market. Downtrend is losing its momentum but expect rebounds to be temporary. Take your profits at every chance and wait for new lows to be tested. Market is controlled by the sellers. Only way to make profits is short-term trading or charging large margin fees. This guy has a great tip for bear markets.

September 9th update: Watch for the wedges. Whenever the price-range is squeezed then wedges become a better indicator than daily moving average, because of all the spikes. Frustrating market. Momentum changes might signal some short-term highs in the dogecoin and etherium market… But etherium and bitcoin have failed to turn bullish this morning. (12hrs later: Dogecoin for the wiiiiiin!!!) As of now, I am completely biased in favour of dogecoin. It’s established a MUCH stronger trend than any other crypto coin including bitcoin. I bought-in before the upward spike. Arf! I’ll hold my dogecoin until it reaches the same time of day as the last big peak this week, or until it hits a new local low.

September 11th update: Crap. I need to use stop loss.

September 13th update: I’ve noticed the daily pattern. Dogecoin usually maxes out at around 10pm EST which is the best time to sell, and dips low at around 4pm EST which is the best time to buy! By taking advantage of this pattern I can profit even if the price decreases 🙂

September 14 update: … No buyers. My predictions were correct but I surpassed market saturation. Demand for some coins is higher on a Chinese exchange so I will try there.

September 18 update: I was staying even the past two days with good trading choices despite the drops in both bitcoin and doge. But now I’m fked. Well I think I’ll wait it out. But doge has a history of PLUMMETING around this time, so…..

September 22 update: Very risky to invest now. Ripple, Mona and bitcoin got a strong pump and are holding. The ETF… Last month there was a pump because of an ETF maybe getting approved but it was delayed ’til the end of September. But apparently ETFs get denied all the time and there have already been bitcoin ETFs around since February?! I wonder if banks can ETFs as collateral, or even the company stock of the companies that the ETF invests in. Which companies can the ETF invest in without a conflict of interest? Some names I dug-up are Nasdaq NextGen Economy (BLCN) by Reality Shares, Transformational Data Sharing (BLOK) by Amplify, First Trust (LEGR), and for Canada there’s Harvest Portfolios (HBLK) and Evolve Funds Inc. (LINK). It seems you have to be rich to start an ETF or it will not be approved because only bankers are supposed to control cryptocurrency. As for my investment into DOGE? It went terrible. For me the most stressful part of exchange trading is the psychological stress from checking hourly for price action and having to wait a long time because you don’t know when the next high or low will be. It’s also extremely frustrating to call the highs but not have orders filled, so if you are gonna be placing large orders on altcoins then I suggest choosing a high volume exchange where you can get a lot of liquidity, or better yet: multiple exchanges for maximum market depth. I invested into doge because I was afraid of bitcoin breaking sub-6k, but I think that until doge gets its ETH bridge, it will stay a pump-and-dump market with bearish action after each dramatic price surge. Every time I note a trend or pattern or indicator, it vanishes within days. What annoys me the most is how some days doge follows bitcoin 1:1 and other days it completely ignores bitcoin fluctuations. I hypothesize that doge dumps are a reverse-indicator for bitcoin pumps, and that panic in the bitcoin market is a positive-indicator for doge pumps.

September 23 conspiracy theories: We always read news about banks gaining interest in cryptocurrency. About trust funds applying for approval. About bankers interviewing day traders and scoffing about the idea of bitcoin as a currency. So then it’s odd that these trust funds have existed for months. That banks have had their fingers in crypto for over two years. That the creator of cryptocurrency claims to be an anonymous individual who is benevolent to never profit from his creation and its forks, yet skilled enough to do the programming of several highly-skilled team of professionals. It’s odd that the IRS seizes bank accounts of cash-only businesses and that when you carry around more than $5000 in America that the police can steal it and not give it back until you the victim prove YOUR innocence. It’s odd that you can’t ask a bank teller for gold, or silver, or over $10,000 in cash. That your account will be flagged if you withdraw $5000 or receive $3000 – well, I can agree with that last one because this method actually does catch criminals. But all of these things share one thing in common: banks are not required to hand out as much physical cash. Owning money has been criminalized, and you are expected to hand your money over to the banks, who legally own your deposit in return for an IOU (I owe you). Maybe intelligence agencies needed a way to funnel money to black projects anonymously because investigators were catching onto the $21,000,000,000,000 of misappropriated Pentagon spending. Maybe think tanks predicted cryptocurrency, and realized before any of us peons that the ones to invest first are the ones to take profit and control the market. Maybe Satoshi Nakomoto is not the selfless saint everyone proclaims. So why isn’t anyone talking about cryptocurrency being controlled by the banks? Why isn’t anyone talking about large time deposits being issued by US banks without any public statistics being shared and with total immunity to the federal reserve laws? Why aren’t journalists allowed to mention that the US military is funded by Wallstreet, who invests in the oil and mining projects that US occupations/interventions/proxy wars facilitate?? It’s not just about competitive transaction fees and exchange rates. The banks bought-in early, and all we hear about is how banks are tepidly starting to gain interest in crypto. The economy is still rigged in favor of the affluent, and your everyday labourer will never be able to make a living off mining crypto on her gaming PC. The way to make money is to have money. The price of labour is ordained by the wealthy (unless you have a union or syndicate), and the people who bought into crypto two years ago like the bankers and hedge funds are the ones to control the market now. I think this would explain why many bear runs are too steep for day traders to profit from. When yesterday’s low is tomorrow’s high, the dumpers take all the profit. And they can afford to, because they bought-in at $670 instead of $6700.

Remember, this is just conspiracy theories, accounting for one fraction of price action. This month a stronger force at play was stop losses exacerbating downwards motion, and miners looking to keep their return on interests profitable forming a strong support level at $6200 – as has been the case all year! The world is much more chaotic than we grow up believing, and bankers are more likely to make short-term profits than responsibly govern themselves as seen in the subprime mortgage crisis. So while all of these factors might converge, it’s important to note that everyone is acting independently to protect their own interests.

September 24 update: Sold into yesterday’s doge peak as the momentum died. I should’ve moved my coins to multiple exchanges. Now I’m on Poloniex and Kraken. Seems 0.0058usd/xdg is the key fib retracement level which we lost with yesterday’s bitcoin decline. I tried to sell at last night’s btc high but was too greedy and wanted to trail doge coin. Well that worked. I bought a lot at 0.00000087xbt/xdg after selling lots at 0.00000090 and 0.00000092. I dumped on Kraken when ZB dumped but I could’ve dumped more if I’d moved coins to Poloniex! Strong 213mil doge resistance at 0.0065600 and weak 39mil doge support at 0.0058580 which broke after I fell asleep. Scary but I’ll wait for the next pump. I’m sure we’ll retest 0.0058 soon. Is the bitcoin fib retracement indicates 6541usd/btc as next level support. I’ll dump if we breach it. Actually doge is hyped for being immune to btc dumps but it dumped with doge three times this week! Today’s retracement can’t go lower than 0.00577xbt/xdg but 0.00573xbt/xdg which could spell disaster! Doge is doing bad mate!

Bitcoin rebounding off support. I really should dump my doge… But there’s no good offers on the market and this high-volume squeeze at the 0.00000086xbt/xdg buy wall is highly suspicious. Market depth is like three times higher for buy orders than sell orders. I know that’s not an indicator but I can only liquidate 16% of my doge coin right now. This is the problem with alt coins!!